confessions of a hoarder

August 14th, 2007

Confessions of a Hoarder

I have 25 bottles of Bath and Body Works lotion, plus two of Victoria’s Secret.

This does not count the 10 or so unused ones I have sold via craigslist over the past couple months (I sold some, so I am improving in the hoarding category slightly). I am a hoarder. I have an overstocked pantry, an overstocked toiletries closet, and more lotion than any person could conceivably use in their lifetime.

I am trying. I am getting better about using things in the pantry and not just replacing them x5 out of habit but really trying to wait for a good deal. And then only buy what I could store in my house, not the whole store’s worth. Although I do have 30 2-liter bottles (give or take) of Diet Mountain Dew in my garage… but at least I found somewhere to put them. Do you know how expensive that stuff is full price? Eeek.

Back to the lotion. I do use lotion every night or my legs turn into some weird cracked nasty mess, and the skin on my ankles peels off in sheets. So it is not exactly frivolous (although, it is because I am sure there are cheaper alternatives than the stuff I have, but all this lotion was either bought long long ago or gifts so that is water under the bridge). But here’s the hoarder in me. I have some scents I absolutely adore. One of them is Victoria’s Secret’s “Passionate Kisses”. It smells just… yummy. But it is discontinued. Apparently I was the only person who found it yummy. So instead of just enjoying what I have left I 1) plot buying more at ridiculously expensive prices on ebay or 2) use other ones instead so I don’t use Passionate Kisses up.

I need to learn to *enjoy* what I have instead of hoarding it. I’m a hoarder. I’m even rather embarrassed by my hoarding nature but then when it comes time to use up a bottle of something, I resist and resist. Have I mentioned how many of those 27 bottles (all different scents) are half empty or more? Not all of them, but quite a few. And if I do use one up… I start thinking about replacing it. I made myself use the last little bit of Sweet Pea a few nights ago and I am *still* thinking about it. :inserteyerollatmyselfhere:

I have 27 bottles!! Who cares if one scent gets used up? I can’t possibly use up all the other ones I still have unless I dip myself in lotion every hour! And my MIL loves to give me lotion as stocking stuffers so I’ll get more by default anyway.

I am a hoarder. How do you stop being a hoarder? I can try to control the actual carrying out of the hoarder impulses but the impulses are still there. Loud and clear.


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11 Responses to “Confessions of a Hoarder”

  1. OMG, that is exactly the way I am. I recently started scrapbooking and I’ve probably bought 200 or more packages of stickers, and I don’t want to open them to use them. I have a ton of Vera Bradley bags that I’ve never used once. I, too, have a lot of lotions and Philosophy body wash.

    I hope somebody can offer some advice to help us!! LOL

  2. I too, am a horder. I’d rather shop for scrapbooking supplies than actually use them. AND I don’t even have a scrap room. I have a small rubbermaid container with no room left in it!

    I also horde groceries. This week, $$ has been really tight, so I’ve been using the stuff I already have to make dinner/lunch/snack/breakfast. I’m starting to stress because the pantry is almost empty, the freezer is getting lighter and this week $$ is going to be tight again. It’s been hard for me not to just take money out of the savings to go and replenish my groceries. Just so you know, it’s not like i”m going to run out of food any time soon. I usually have enough food to eat on for a month without any more purchases LOL.

  3. I have the same problem! I finally determined that I’m going to eat out of my pantry and use all of my beauty products before I buy any more. I’m doing a pretty good job so far.

  4. This is absolutely one of the things I’m working on with myself – but I have a different view of it. I tend to think I’m not worth it. I won’t use the “good stuff” on myself because it’s so expensive, hard to get, out of production, etc etc…so I put it away until a special occasion or something. Crazy, hey?

    I LOVE LOVE love B&B Works Aloe and Green Tea. It’s my absolute favorite. So I hoarded it for special occasions…and last summer, it came back for a 3-month production, and I bought so much…and I’m still hoarding it. Ha! But…you know what? I’ll find more – or another scent. As a matter of fact, I found their “Sensual Amber”…holy cow, that’s delicious!

    So…not sure if this is your thought, but it soooo fits me. If it fits you…you’re worth it! Use it! Enjoy it! :) :)

  5. I have worked hard to not even go into Bath and Body Works because of my crazy past addiction to them and the amount of money I can easily spend in a single trip there.

    And there are scents now I have never even heard of like the ones you mentioned and I soooooooooo want to! I keep thinking about going in and sniffing stuff :) :)

    Ahhhh why do I like to smell good. lol

  6. I’m a hoarder too! I have a lot of beauty products (way too many)…my old roommate called me a product whore…anyway, I’m working my way down to the end of the line (I still have way too many)…I’m trying not to buy any products until the bottle is absolutely empty (and in the garbage) and I do NOT have a replacement product. For example, for the past month, I have been using shampoo samples because I ran out of shampoo (this took almost a year to use all of my old shampoo)…but I still have so many free samples that I probably won’t need to buy any for another few months!

    As for the lotion, if it’s not used (which I had a lot of), I regift it…to someone that I’m obligated to give a gift to…but don’t really feel like it…not too nice, but it’s better than a potted plant.

  7. Oh my goodness, so glad I found your entry. I’m the same way, I have tons of body lotions, and I have some that are a quarter used, but I almost never finish a whole bottle up. I also buy body washes in bulk when there are sales at Yves Rocher , or even Walmart. It’s impossible for me to have just “one” and finish it up and buy a new one. I remember collecting foundation too, and then a few years ago, I threw at least 5-6 bottles away because they were really old and changed chemistry or I never touched them. When I do throw beauty products away I normally wind up regretting it a little. LOL I am crazy!!!


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