carnivals in the air do i smell a festival approaching

November 5th, 2007

Carnivals in the Air… do I smell a festival approaching?

I do, I do! The Festival of Frugality is landing right here tomorrow morning bright and early! I’ve been working hard putting it together all weekend, but there is still time to submit if you haven’t – right now! So get those submissions in and thanks to the 70+ of you who have already submitted! It’ll be a big one I think!

But before we get to the Festival tomorrow, I want to highlight a post or two from the carnivals I submitted to this week. I submitted articles to 7 carnivals from what I had written last week, but not all of them have gone live yet. But many are Monday carnivals and are out there now, including:

The Carnival of Personal Finance made its way to My Two Dollars this week and my post HSA As A Retirement Account? was included! I also liked thinking about this post:

The Carnival of Debt Reduction is at Cash Money Life this week and my submission And Then Everything Changes was included in the budgeting and planning section. I love to see other people’s budgets, so this post really caught my eye:

  • The Financial Blogger: A Different Type of Budget. Everyone has a different situation and what tools we use to understand our own is really key.

The Carnival of Family Life is at Play Activities and is the Bonfire Edition. My post, When Free Isn’t Really Free, was included. I also really needed this reminder after a long weekend with two mostly cranky children:

The All Women Blogging Carnival is at Semantically Driven and my post It isn’t complete gibberish! I’ve actually learned something! is a part of it! I don’t often travel but I still l;iked these tips for being a frugal traveler and making the most of packing:

  • Less Than a Shoestring: What’s in my Bag? I am constantly searching for a pen… I need to pack 2. Or 10.

That’s it for today, but be sure to come back tomorrow for the Festival bright and early! See you then!!

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2 Responses to “Carnivals in the Air… do I smell a festival approaching?”

  1. Hmmm. All I can smell (and hear) is fireworks. Still at least there are plenty of blogs to read.

  2. Thx for the mention!!