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June 6th, 2008

Carnivals Around The Web

This week, my articles appeared in 5 different carnivals around the web and I wanted to highlight those this morning while I am preparing for my wisdom teeth removal and thank the hosts. If you are not familiar with what a carnival is, it is a collection of recent posts on a specific topic gathered together and linked to in a single post on the carnival host’s blog. They range from braod topics like personal finance, to very specific topics like snowflaking.

The Carnival of Money Hacks was at Broke Grad Student and included my 10 Easy Ways to Stay in Debt as an editor’s pick. Thanks! That is editor’s pick #26 for me this year, over halfway to my goal of 50. :)

The Carnival of Debt Reduction was at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds and included my Don’t Let the Reality of Future Debt Discourage Present Progress as an editor’s pick as well, which brings the year total to 27. Thanks!

The Carnival of Personal Finance was at Moolanomy and included my post Let Windfalls Jumpstart Your Goals.

The Carnival of Snowflaking was at How I Save Money and included my post Do You Have to Snowball to Snowflake?

The Carnival of Family Life was at Live From Waterloo and included my post on formulating an allowance plan for my almost four year old.

I will be getting my wisdom teeth out this morning bright and early (in fact, depending on when you are reading this, it might be right now!) so posting here will be light if at all until Monday. Go check out the carnivals while I am recuperating and have a great weekend!

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6 Responses to “Carnivals Around The Web”

  1. Rest up after your surgery. Apply those cold packs to your cheeks and before long, you will be as good as new.

  2. Prayers headed up for a successful surgery and recovery!

  3. Thanks for participating of the Carnival of family life. It was a pleasure to host it, and feature your post.

  4. Feel better soon!

  5. Amen to cold packs. Makes a real difference in pain and swelling. Hope it went well.

  6. great post! just found your blog over at centsible sawyer! :)