carnivals and festivals galore

October 22nd, 2007

Carnivals and Festivals Galore

I went on vacation last week before the Tuesday Carnivals and Festivals I submitted to posted. Since I was gone and didn’t submit to anything for this week, I thought I’d highlight those Tuesday carnivals and festivals from last week in place of my usual Monday wrapup of the Monday-posting carnivals.

First up, the Carnival of Money Stories went live at Free Money Finance and my post New Tires – The Nitty Gritty was included. I found this post insightful:

  • My Wealth Builder: My Wealth Paradigm. Sometimes appearances are just that – appearances. trying to live up to someone else’s standard won’t work.

Next, the Festival of Frugality went live at FIRE Finance and my post “Stuff” and My Daughter’s First Birthday was featured in the Family & Home section. Another post I found useful was:

Finally, the Carnival of Everything Finance chose my post Surveys for Fun and Pocket Change as an editor’s pick. This article was particularly appropriate for me this week:

Thanks for checking out my posts and my picks and stay tuned for the first of the vacation wrapup posts later today :).

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  1. Thanks for linking to the Festival of Frugality :).


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