carnival of debt reduction 127 welcome to the snowflake revolution

February 18th, 2008

Carnival of Debt Reduction #127 ~ Welcome to the Snowflake Revolution

Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction #127, and by extension, the Snowflake Revolution. There isn’t a more appropriate Carnival to announce the start of my Snowflake Revolution website, which is designed to be a place to have snowflaking blogs, big and small, come together. Snowflaking is not just for debt reduction, but it has been a HUGE part of my overall debt reduction strategy, which has assisted me in eliminating all of our credit card debt to date. If you are interested in becoming a part of The Snowflake Revolution, click on over and read all about it! (And if you have no idea what snowflaking is, read my primer here. :) )

I was going to do a theme related to debt and the Presidents since it is Presidents’ Day here in the US but… well… I had no idea how partisan the National Debt accumulation is until I started researching it. So, I decided to leave that behind and focus on the carnival at hand instead. I only included articles that were in some way related to debt reduction. I had a LOT of entries that were excellent frugal articles, but didn’t make a direct connection to debt reduction at all, so they were not included. This carnival celebrates debt reduction and also strives to help people find ways to get out of debt, and I wanted to stay true to the spirit of the carnival.

My editors picks are:

  • Life Lessons of a Military Wife gives us the down low on debt reduction as well as the traps of The Ugly Payday Loan. I thought this was a great example of how to reduce your debt as well as being aware of what *isn’t* going to help you.
  • David on Finance advocates for making sure you don;t burn out with The Failure of Neglect (or, Vacationing on a Budget). We can’t all be 100% focused all the time or we risk running out of steam.
  • Natural Moms Talk Radio shares How I Got Out of Debt not as an exact example to follow, but as inspiration and tips for how to incorporate it into your own life.

Stories About Debt Reduction:

Methods To Reduce Debt:

Dangerous Tricks to Watch Out For:

That is all for this edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction!! Thanks to all the submissions and if you weren’t included, I hear the Festival of Frugality is still open for submissions. :)

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26 Responses to “Carnival of Debt Reduction #127 ~ Welcome to the Snowflake Revolution”

  1. Great collection of posts!

    I’m glad that you’ve started a snowflaking page! I think your method is great. It really shows that a little bit every month does make a difference.

  2. You’ve done a awesome job of organizing and summarizing the submissions! Thank you for including my “Loan Amortization Calculator” application. I hope your readers find it helpful!

  3. Nice work on the carnival!

  4. Thanks for including me! And thank you for starting the snowflake revolution- sign me up!

  5. Excellent Carnival! If I had known about the “snowflake revolution” theme, I would have submitted another post. We were able to throw some massive snowball sized snowflakes at our debt this month.

  6. I love extra motivation for reducing my debt. Thanks for these articles.

  7. Thanks for hosting and including me!

  8. Thanks for including my post and giving us a clear understanding about frugal articles not being appropriate for the debt reduction carnival.

  9. Well, it is not that frugal articles aren’t appropriate ever, but they should relate in some way to debt reduction. The mission of the carnival is to share stories, tips etc related to debt reduction :)

  10. Great way to introduce the snowflake revolution!

  11. thanks so much for including Life Lessons! You have a lot of great articles this week…I enjoyed reading them:-))


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