carnival fun from around the web

April 25th, 2008

Carnival Fun From Around the Web

There were a lot of great carnivals (and festivals!) that I had articles in this week. I was fortunate enough to score two editor’s picks which brings the year total to 21. Almost halfway to my goal of 50 in 52 weeks! And this week also marked the start of the Carnival of Snowflakes! I love snowflakes. I hosted the first edition on Snowflake Revolution, and no, I was not an editor’s pick because, well, I was the editor. :) It is very exciting though – and if you love snowflakes, think about submitting to next week’s edition!

On to the carnivals! The Carnival of Personal Finance was at The Happy Rock and I was selected as an editor’s pick for The Psychology of the $1000 Emergency Fund. Thanks Frank! Being in my current frame of mind, I was drawn to this post:

  • Sick of Being Poor: Thank Goodness For My Emergency Fund. I also had bad things happen to my car that necessitated my using the emergency fund – when a truck hit it in a parking lot while it was parked. Thankfully I got my deductible back, but I had to pay up front.

The Carnival of Money Hacks was at Quest For Four Pillars and I also scored an editor’s pick there for What Should You Do With Your Economic Stimulus Check? Thanks Mike! When I wrote that, I was paying down debt. Now, it seems I will be buying a new furnace. I think the world is thumbing their nose at me. Economy stimulation, here I come! Never decide what to do with money you don’t quite have yet! The furnace people come Monday to give me some quotes. Fun. Hey, a furnace post!

The Carnival of Debt Reduction is at No Debt Plan, and my article about All Funds Being Emergency Funds (timely, now that I look back at it) made the cut. I love the title of that blog – I have a No Debt Plan too, life just keeps getting in the way. Someday! But read this:

The Festival of Frugality was at On Financial Success and included my entry about buying in bulk strategically. I wish all my impulse buys were good for me…

And the Carnival of Money Stories was at Can I Get Rich On A Salary and included my entry about Financial Health Being About More Than Numbers. This story made me chuckle:

That’s it for this week! Thanks again to all the hard working hosts!!

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4 Responses to “Carnival Fun From Around the Web”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    My furnace is 40 years old and still working fine. Technology then was a pilot light. If you are getting a new furnace, you will hopefully get one with an electric igniter. No more pilot light to worry about.

  2. Thanks for the link and good luck with the new furnace.


  3. Ditto what Bryce said. You should also look into a high-efficiency, condensing model of furnace — or even better, a multi-stage or modulating model. Yes, it will cost somewhere between 1.5 and 2 times more, but if you are planning to be in the same house for 5 years or more, it will certainly pay you back the difference in gas or oil cost.


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