carnival cheer from around the web

May 7th, 2008

Carnival Cheer From Around The Web

So what’s a blog carnival, and why should anyone care? One of the very first ways I found other bloggers who were working their way of of debt like me was through the Carnival of Debt Reduction. A carnival is simply a collection of recent, user submitted posts, on a particular topic. The links are collected together and presented by the host blog, which in most cases, changes every week. The topic can be very broad, like the Carnival of Personal Finance or the Festival of Frugality, or it can be very narrow, like the Carnival of Snowflaking that I recently founded. Whatever the topic, there is most likely a carnival out there with your interest in mind.

With that being said, I submitted posts to 5 different carnivals and a festival (like a carnival, just a more alliterative name!) that went live this week. In no particular order, here are links to each, my post from them, and another post that caught my eye in each:

The Carnival of Personal Finance was at Alpha Consumer and included my post about how stores will help you spend your economic stimulus check. T minus 1 day until I spend mine on a new furnace… If you haven’t gotten your check yet, make sure to avoid this stimulus rebate scam that MoneyCrashers alerts us to. And the hitman scam as well – yikes!

The Carnival of Debt Reduction was hosted by Rocket Finance who included my latest lament on Why Debt Stinks. No worries, I have even more to come. ;) Besides accepting his invitation to include him in my blogroll, I was drawn to Picture of Wealth’s creating a financial plan, not a budget. I really think budgets and spending plans are two sides of the same coin, but more on that later. Thoughts still need to percolate. A Budget is a Spending Plan with a Bad Rap…. hmmm.

The Carnival of Money Stories is at Free From Broke and includes my entry about healthcare sometimes feeling like throwing money down a drain. And as I ponder my colonoscopy in June, I hope that it continues to feel like I am throwing money down a drain. :) Earlier I wrote about needing to use my economic stimulus check, and I am not the only one. Pinyo at Moolanomy is also glad his check is coming early.

The Festival of Frugality is at Frugal for Life and included my analysis of the new furnace and how I am becoming frugal instead of cheap. The cheap thing to do would have been to stick a new board in this furnace. My frugal choice will pay off for years to come. And I just couldn’t help it, I had to read Budgets Are Sexy’s post on how Starbucks just got sexier. Apparently you can get free stuff with a Starbucks card. I love and hate Starbucks. :)

The Carnival of Money Hacks is at Save and Conquer and included my post about how I cut some of my wedding costs. if only I’d cut more of them… but anyway. The very first entry from Oh My Aching Debts caught my eye with 8 ways to save money on a limited budget. I too am fond of #8, although I adore to count, I keep things separate and don’t count money for debt as money I have available unless there is an emergency.

And finally the Carnival of Financial Goals is at DebtFREE Revolution and instead of doing editor’s picks, Ana is inviting the readers to vote for their Reader’s Picks. So if you are inclined, feel free to vote for my entry, Shifting Priorities from Debt Reduction to Savings. I haven’t decided where my vote goes yet, but a contender is The Importance of Savings Goals at This Wasn’t in the Plan. I get too scattered to focus on specific savings goals, but I am doing okay at budgeting for them – so far. I cannot wait until I get rid of the debt and can think about something else concretely…

That’s a wrap for this week! Thanks to all the hosts for putting together the carnivals and festival!

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6 Responses to “Carnival Cheer From Around The Web”

  1. Thanks for the link back. That’s a good amount of carnivals you were in! Do read all of the articles? If so that must take a lot of time. Bet you learn a lot from them though…

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the link, PT. I’m glad to have finally made your blog roll and you know that I was just trying to stir things up. :)

    Plus, the letter “R” was not represented in your list of fantastic pf blogs.

  3. Thanks for the link back, and good luck!

  4. I’d gladly accept your vote :)
    And thanks for the link!

  5. paidtwice Says:

    May 7th, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    @FFB – I read a lot of the articles. Sometimes the title doesn’t interest me at all and so i skip it. And sometimes I’ve already read an article because it is a blog I subscribe to. Some weeks it takes me a lot longer than Wednesday to get this roundup put together. :)

  6. Alriiiight, so i guess my title was catchy enough ;) thx for the shout out! looking forward to checking out your site.