awesome finance carnivals this week

February 29th, 2008

Awesome Finance Carnivals This Week

I usually post carnival roundups at the beginning of the week and midweek, but with the flu (which is finally leaving our house, thank goodness!) everything has become a little wacky. Friday afternoons are usually book review time, but not this week. The next installment of The Number review will appear next week, when I’ve had time and energy to do the section justice. It is an interesting section though, make sure to come back and read it then!

This Friday, I want to take the time to highlight the great finance carnivals I took part in this week. I even managed to score an editor’s pick in the Carnival of Personal Finance, which brings my year total up to 6 I think. Not quite on pace for the 50 picks in 52 weeks goal, but I still strive for that goal! Speaking of the Carnival of Personal Finance, it was at Broke Grad Student this week and my post Perfection Is The Enemy of Progress was the aforementioned editor’s pick. Yay! Thanks! I also enjoyed this post very much:

The Carnival of Debt Reduction took a trip to the 70′s with Being Frugal and included my post, It’d Be Nice If We Could Freeze Everything Else. Seriously, it would be nice. But as time marches on, so does this post:

The Festival of Frugality traveled to No Credit Needed and included my post Here a Snowflake, There a Snowflake. I learned a frugal thing or two from this:

  • Be Thrifty Like Us: Take My Advice Before You Call Someone For Home Repairs. We are not handy people, and these are great pointers about how to find the best work at the best price. And we also have had the exact same experience with the ads in the phone book – the bigger the ad, the higher the price.

Finally, the Carnival of Money Stories is at Collecting My Cash and my post, It’s Good To Be Broke Sometimes, was included. I saw myself in this story:

  • Funny About Money: Life in the Punch-A-Button Lane. I haven’t dealt with Fidelity before, but I have had my share of useless punch-a-button exchanges with no human in sight.
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5 Responses to “Awesome Finance Carnivals This Week”

  1. Well, you blog a lot about your own life, so I guess it makes sense. It’s one thing to say that you found something that works for you and another to give advice to other people…

  2. Good RoundUp!

  3. Hey, thanks for highlighting my post. You know I still go back and forth with this one. I get so nervous when the market is down even though I really don’t plan to take money out of my IRA for at least 40 years. Ugh. That’s enough risk for me, back to good ol’ safe and secure debt reduction… my safest investment :)


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