apparently the government works on weekends

May 3rd, 2008

Apparently The Government Works on Weekends

Saturday, at least.

I just logged into my bank account and was shocked to see my checking balance was a little over $5000.  My spouse got paid yesterday, and I’ve moved money to pay for the furnace to my checking, but those things don’t add up to $5000.  So I looked at the account detail, and there was a deposit for $1800 from the US Government.  The link I looked at from the IRS said I would get my early economic stimulus Monday, but it is here.  Ta da!

They called it a “tax refund” on the line item explanation.  Interesting.

I will enjoy having $5000 until my mortgage check is cashed (which should have happened already, and is what I was checking on actually) and then Thursday when I pay for the new furnace.  It’ll be a rough week for outflow.  Heh.  And then my checking account will be restored to its normal pittance.   I am looking forward to the new furnace though, since yesterday our current furnace got itself stuck on (without us even turning it on) and the whole house was about 85 when I got home.  Yay.  We have ghosts who are cold!

Must go back to our yard sale… I’ve made $4 so far.  But its only 9:30am.  :)    I’ll report on that later, hopefully with happy news!

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8 Responses to “Apparently The Government Works on Weekends”

  1. Hey congrats! Now run right out and spend that… or the terrorists win! Seriously, that’s great. We are going to spend ours on heating oil for next winter–at least we will start the winter of 08 with a full tank, but past that, I think we will need to find an alternative way to heat our home.

  2. I don’t think the government works on Saturday. I think what you are seeing is a result of work on Thursday and Friday and of course, the results are so pathetic, we don’t see them until the weekend.

  3. Congrats! $1800 is a nice amount of money to receive. The more I talk with people concerning the refund, the more often I hear that the money is being spent around the house or on fixed or semi-fixed expenditures. Not sure we’ll be seeing a run up on flat screen TV purchasing or other electronics, but you never know…!

  4. Wow! If I was getting that amount, I would consider stimulating the economy with some of it. Since I will probably only get $600, I think I’ll save it….when I finally get it.

  5. $1800, nice. I got my $600 yesterday too. And went to a neighborhood yard sale event in semi-raining weather. (I wonder if we live in the same area… probably not, but still interesting coincidences) I ended up buying an old game of Risk (the classic version is SO much better than the new one) for $1, and some corn holders (new) for $0.10

    How’d you end up making out?

  6. how did your yard sale turn out? or did I miss where you posted this?

    btw, just discovered your blog today… love it! my husband also blogs about frugality too… check it out, Engineer a Debt Free Life at


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