and having said that never say never

August 6th, 2007

And having said that… never say never

Since I just sold one of my craigslist items to one of those Florida people.

They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse (over the list price plus my on the high side shipping estimate) and paid instantly through paypal.  Once I determine the actual shipping when I send it tomorrow I’ll have a little snowflake for the credit card.  The item originally was only $5 so the snowflake won’t be much more than that but every penny (or dollar) counts.

Speaking of credit cards the Citi card still hasn’t posted my charge from this weekend so I can pay it…. how slow are credit cards anyway?  Hmph.

And to make this post completely random, speaking of snowflakes I did snowflake a penance for the extraneous grocery items after all.  Feels good to see that Capital One balance go down, even a little bit.


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