an interview and carnivals

February 14th, 2008

An Interview and Carnivals

Everyone wants to get to know me this week! Yesterday, David at My Two Dollars published an interview he did with me as part of his series Getting To Know the M-Network. Hop on over and find out more about what makes me tick. Thanks, David!

Besides hosting a carnival yesterday, I also had posts featured in 5 other carnivals this week. First, the Carnival of Personal Finance was at My Dollar Plan and my post The Pursuit of Perfection and What Happens Next was featured. I really liked this post, because I love analogies:

  • Mighty Bargain Hunter: How Strong Is Your Piggy Bank? Mine is ceramic, which is a step up from this time last year, when it was paiper-mache. How strong is yours, and how strong do you need it to be?

Next, the Carnival of Debt Reduction was at frequent host DebtFREE-Revolution and featured my post Yes, I Paid Off My Credit Cards. I am hosting this carnival next Monday so get your submissions in!! Another success story in this edition was:

The Carnival of Money Stories came to visit Mrs Micah and my story about Inflation made the cut. Here’s the story I know would happen to me if we had a HELOC:

  • The Good Life on a Budget: Looks Like Our Home Value Has Decreased. For us, we aren’t planning on moving… ever… maybe. So it is less upsetting than it could be, but still, trapped is a sucky place to be. Let’s all get out of debt so we are free.

The Festival of Frugality was at Lazy Man and Money and my post on Shopping the Perimeter vs the Aisles was included. I studied and studied for some great frugal tips and my favorite was:

  • Monroe on a Budget: Do You Have Any Cereal Coupons? Great tips on expanding your mind around using coupons wisely…. and ugh, I need to start using coupons. So I need to start *getting* coupons. So I need…. argh.

Finally, the Carnival of Family Life was at Health Plans Plus and my post about Assumptions and Expectations was included in the finance section. Another great finance-themed post was:

Thanks to all the carnival hosts for including me! And make sure to enter the Carnival of Debt Reduction for next week if you are a blogger and be featured right here!!

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3 Responses to “An Interview and Carnivals”

  1. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. I am just now catching up on the week, and thanks for the link! I’d rather not be trapped, but my house isn’t such a bad place to be stuck in. :)

  3. Thanks for the link to Unclaimed Money!