addendum to maximizing mypoints rewards

January 23rd, 2008

Addendum to Maximizing MyPoints Rewards

This morning I wrote about how to maximize the rewards you earn from the MyPoints program to give you the greatest benefit. Now, I’ll admit, I am a little bit of a numbers geek, and I shared my system for calculating point worth – which is accurate and robust but a little bit on the complex side. Most people don’t want to think in fractions of pennies, and rightfully so.

Commenter lulugal11 left her method for comparing point values, and it is much easier to digest for the decimal-adverse among us. I think it makes the system a lot easier to understand, so I wanted to highlight her comment:

I have been using MyPoints for years now and get most of my points in the email clickthroughs. I use my points for WalMart cards because that is where I do most of my shopping and also for Red Lobster cards for my annual birthday dinner.

I was looking at your point calculation and the decimals might be a bit confusing. I calculate my points the other way around, by dividing the total points by the cash value so that gives you the number of points you need to spend per dollar.

Using your examples:
Target costs 1500 points for $10, 3750 points for $25, and 7500 points for $50

1500/10= 150 points per dollar
3750 points/$25 = 150 points per dollar etc….so they are all the same value.

CVS has 1450 for $10, 3500 for $25, and 6750 for $50
1450 points/$10 = 145 points per dollar
3500 points/$25 = 140 points
and 6750/50= 135 points per dollar so it is best to wait for the $50 card.

This is an easier calculation than using the decimals and I just wanted to share another way of looking at it with you.

So there you have it! Instead of thinking about what each individual point is worth, you can look at it as how many points does each dollar cost. The less points you have to spend per dollar, the better! Thanks, lulugal11!

I’ve redone my original table here to show this calculation. You can use either the method I described this morning or this method to determine the best value for your points, which ever is easiest for you. I do like my method because it allows me to calculate a dollar amount savings for waiting to buy bigger cards in some cases, but this method is a lot sleeker without all the fractions of pennies to compare things in a simple and efficient manner. Whichever your method, enjoy using your points to the best advantage!

$10 gift cards: (cost of card in points: # of points each $ costs- the lower the better!)

  • 1400 points: 140
  • 1450 points: 145
  • 1500 points: 150

$25 gift cards:

  • 3250 points: 130
  • 3500 points: 140
  • 3750 points: 150

$50 gift cards:

  • 6250 points: 125
  • 6750 points: 135
  • 7250 points: 145
  • 7500 points: 150

$100 gift cards:

  • 12000 points: 120
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2 Responses to “Addendum to Maximizing MyPoints Rewards”

  1. Wow! I feel honored to have my comment be the inspiration for your post. :-)

    Thanks for the mention of my ‘MyPoints for Dummies’.


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