a guest post and more carnivals for all to enjoy

September 4th, 2007

More Carnivals and a Festival for all to enjoy

I submitted to a whole lot of carnivals (and a festival) this week. I think it is a great opportunity to challenge myself to write posts I am happy to submit to be included in a group of similar topic-ed posts. And it is fun! I posted about two of the carnivals yesterday, and today two more carnivals and a festival went live.

First, at the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Advanced Personal Finance, my post about What “More Stuff” I Know was included and it defied categorization :) . I like to be different. I love the format of this carnival this week, it is all Big Brotherish. Not the TV show… although the TV show is my guilty pleasure. In a government is watching you kind of way. There is a secret message hidden in the carnival post and I was the first one to post the solution and won a prize! I am winning all over the place lately. See if you can solve the riddle too (don’t read the comments!) and check out some other posts I really enjoyed from this carnival including:

  • Lynnae from Being Frugal explains that paying off debt is all about choices. It is about choices! I wish I’d thought more about that while racking up all the debt, I wouldn’t be so petulant about all the hard choices I have to make now. ;)

Next, the 90th Festival of Frugality is at Bean Sprouts (always enjoy a great festival with my carnivals!) and my post about Ebaying for Coupons was included along with these other articles I particularly enjoyed:

  • Nenad Ristic explains the Attribution Theory posted at Money Conciousness. I am still thinking about this. I don’t want to blame failure on internal factors but if I can see ways to change I’d be more likely to succeed so… it is all circular. I’m learning.

And finally, today is the day for the Carnival of Money Stories (which I am hosting here two weeks from today!) at Enough Wealth. My post about how once upon a time, it only took $1000 to scare me is included, along with these other stories I found great reads:

Enjoy the carnival and festival madness! Hurrah!

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5 Responses to “More Carnivals and a Festival for all to enjoy”

  1. Well, I am glad that my post has stimulated some thought in people. I would love it if you shared some of the ideas you come up with!

  2. Thanks for highlighting a few great posts!

  3. Thanks for the link! :)

  4. Hey thanks for the link – and love your blog (especially the title).

  5. Thank you kindly for the link love!