a festival sandwich

January 30th, 2008

A Festival Sandwich!

It’s Wednesday and time to look at the later posting carnivals and festivals I participated in from around the web. Today is a festival sandwiched between two carnivals, and lots of great stuff to be found!

At Being Frugal, the Carnival of Money Stories had a circus theme, which was oddly appropriate for me since I visited the circus for the first time last week. My entry, CFL Dimmable Bulbs Arrive at Walmart, was included, and these stories really caught my eye:

Mrs Micah was the gracious hostess with the mostest of the Festival of Frugality, and she included my post about Broadening My Meat Horizons. Sadly, nothing was on a good sale at Kroger this past week for me to try to expand the broadening… maybe next week! I had to think while reading these posts, and that is always a good thing:

  • My Two Dollars: Five Things I Think It Is Okay To Spend Money On. What things do you choose to splurge on while saving on others? Understanding that difference is one of the keys to understanding frugality vs being cheap.
  • Funny About Money: Time Is Not Money. Actually, I basically think the opposite that this post asserts, although I agree with the basic premise that fretting about wasting time because you are equating it to money is more stress than it is worth. I think time is *more* valuable than money. And that is why I am careful with the time I have, for the most part. And that’s why wasting (yes, wasting) my time frustrates me – it’s taking something very inherently valuable from me I can’t get back.

The Carnival of Family Life is at Confessions of a Novice and my post about the circus, No, I Won’t Buy Your Lousy Souvenirs, was included! I also greatly enjoyed this post related to family and finances:

  • Money Changes Things: No-Name Vs. Designer: The Parents’ Dilemma. This post had a great way of dealing with their child’s desire for designer clothes – the child got to pay the difference. Must file that away in my head…

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget next week you can satisfy your carnival cravings right here on Monday, when the Carnival of Personal Finance comes to I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… for the first time! Submit your quality article today!

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2 Responses to “A Festival Sandwich!”

  1. Thanks for linking back. I think it was a pretty good festival this week. :)

  2. Thanks for the mention! It really was sad to know how little concern I’d had about looking after my money.

    It’s very different now though. :-)