7 low or no cost ways to show your valentine you care

February 9th, 2009

7 Low or No Cost Ways To Show Your Valentine You Care

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary, and in honor of that and the approach of Valentine’s Day this weekend I’m sharing 7 ways my spouse and I have celebrated both Valentine’s Day and our anniversary in the past without breaking the budget.  Yes, there are very expensive ways to celebrate (roses, diamonds, fancy dinners out) and sometimes, that may be the way to go – but Valentines on a budget can be just as fun and special, without paying for it for the next three months (or years).  Here are some wishes for fun and romance from mine to yours.  Incorporate a few or all of the ideas into your romantic celebration of your love for a special evening (or entire day) that won’t break the bank.

1.  Homemade cards – Instead of buying a cardthis year, get some construction paper and a glue stick and make one yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not – the effort and time put into it, with your own heartfelt words inside, will make it more special than anything you could buy.

2.  Picnic lunch or dinner – You may not be a gourmet cook (I know I’m not!) but you can still make a home cooked meal for much less than eating out.  Pack it in a basket with some candles and a tablecloth and it makes for a romantic gesture that doesn’t break the bank.

3.  Chore cards or offers – There are chores my spouse does but doesn’t really like to do, so I make up some index cards with chore offers he can redeem at his leisure.  Things like “One whole house vacuuming” or “One week of litter box duty” – any of the chores that he generally does that I could do for him instead.

4.   Trade babysitting – If you have kids, and have friends with kids, trade some babysitting with them this week.  You can watch their kids for an evening, and they can watch yours.  that way you have have a nice, kid-free evening to implement some of these ideas.

5.  Mood music  – You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to create a mood.  Put some mellow music on in the background, or better yet, some music that reminds you both of earlier points of your relationship.  Back in the dark ages, I used to make mix tapes for my spouse of music we both enjoyed together.  They’re fun to play now, and put us both in a happy and nostalgic mood.

6.  Put thoughts to words to voice  –  Sometimes all you need to do is verbalize what is in your head.  Tell your partner how you feel about them.  Best of all, it is free!

7.   Give the gift of time – Just spending time with each other, without having 14 other things going on at the same time, is sometimes gift enough.  Turn off the cell phone, unplug the phone, turn off the computer, and just hang out together.  Or maybe play RockBand together.  That’s what we’ll be doing.  ;)

If youw ant some more ideas, here are some more cheap valentine’s day date ideas!

Have fun!  Celebrate your relationship this week and keep a little money in your pocket at the same time.  Or in the bank.  :)

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15 Responses to “7 Low or No Cost Ways To Show Your Valentine You Care”

  1. Thanks for the ideas. I keep forgetting that it is this Saturday, this is not good….

    Another great idea is to go back through your old photos, choose an event that is not always thought about and have it reprinted and placed in a frame. If you have, or are good at, you could use Photoshop to turn it into black and white single out a color, etc. My in-laws have a picture of them standing in front of a sunflower garden and I always thought it would be neat to have the yellow hues stand out while the remaining picture would be black & white.

  2. No reason to go crazy and spend a ton of money on a fake holiday. I am single so I will be out and about, but I have friends who do more homemade activities like you suggest. I have a guest post on my blog about more tips as well if you would like to check out: http://blog.budgetpulse.com/2009/02/05/money-saving-tips-for-valentines-day/

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. You know, I’ve always thought that it was not respectful of another person, to insist on spending money that is in short supply, to “celebrate” an event. Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the worst in some people.

  5. Congrats! This is a great list – thanks for the good ideas!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! :-) DH and I just celebrated out 19th a week ago on Groundhogs Day. Great couples get married in February! Have a fun Valentines Day too!

  7. Solid tips! Romance starts at home . . .

  8. My favorite story comes from 2 friends of ours…when they were first married they had no money and would go to the card store. They each spend lots of time going thru the cards and when they found the perfect one, they would exchange in the aisle, hug and kiss, and put them back on the shelf. I think this is the most romantic story I have heard! After 30 years, they are more in love today that ever.

  9. Congratulations! We got married a week before you guys did — February 2nd, 2002. Keep it up!

  10. My husband always makes me a homemade card (for every occasion) and I love them. A pre-made card doesn’t stand a chance! Thanks for the post and other good ideas!

  11. This is a great list!!!

    Since you mentioned a picnic…

    I just blogged about an aphrodisiac infused Valentines Day picnic at home here, should you be interested.

    Happy Valentines Day!!

    ~ Paula


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