I've Paid for this Twice Already

Paying for something with a credit card or other type of loan often leads to interest payments that are almost equal to the original purchase amount. That's how I ended up paying twice for almost everything I own. This site is about how to avoid that...

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Jenna Holt

About the Author

Every since graduating from highschool I've been on a crazy ADHD spiral. I get interested in some online service or product, I buy it, then I realize it was too expensive so I cancel it. And then for some reason a bit later I go back and I get interested in it again and buy it again.

The name PaidTwice is really about 2 things.

1 - literally paying for things twice

2 - holding credit card debt that builds so much interest I am paying for the same thing twice

I now wish to just help others with both of these things. So I am blogging about budgeting, getting out of debt, building assets, making money, entrepreneurship, and maybe a few life lessons along the way.

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